The town of Lilywhite is a pirate friendly settlement constructed on two small islands sitting on the only deep water cove on Motaku Island. The sections of Lilywhite away from the mainland are connected to the mainland with wooden bridges. The water is deep enought that ocean faring vessels can easily dock at Lilywhite.

The town is best known as a refuge for the followers of Cayden Caliean and as such is a bit less cuttthroat than the other island settlements in the The Shackles

Lilywhite has been kept safe from any ruthless pirate captains due to a myth that any captain who sacks the town will disappear and never be seen again.

Population: 780 (predominately humans with a significant half elf and half orc population)

Notable NPCs: Anyabawile Saabwa
Duwella Morin
Iatho Taryn

Caliean’s Keg: The temple/ tavern to Cayden Caliean


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