Plunder and Peril: The OTHER Pirate Game

Welcome to Plunder & Peril

A virtual pirate adventure

Night 1: January 14

The party arrived by boat in Lilywhite. We were greeted by a heavy-accented man named Anyabwile Saabwa who led us to Cailean’s Temple. Adot, Heffa, and Boka decided to take the Lucky Drunk’s Challenge. Boka started feeling sick after 3 rounds but decided to keep drinking – the encouragement from the crowd was all it took. He threw up after the next drink and was out of the competition. Adot continued to fare well through 4 rounds but lost it after round 5. Heffa represented her half-orc heritage and made the drinking look easy through round 7. Round 8 was a tough drink but even though her competitor threw up on her clothes, she won the contest and a pretty silver stein.

Anyabwile continued to walk the party around and eventually gifted each member of the party with a mask. He encouraged us to attend the lumber yard (Taryn’s Planks) in the evening in order to catch the fireworks. The party catches a bite of food together and heads over to the lumber yard. Captain Varossa Lanteri interrupted the beginning of the fireworks and announced a competition. “The first to reach my bosun’s table at the God’s Revel Inn will have an opoprtunity to receie an officer’s share of old Captain Redclaw’s gold.” The group took off in a mad dash and made it in the knick of time.

Just then, a group of baddies busted through the door and claimed they were first – ready for a fight.



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