Plunder and Peril: The OTHER Pirate Game

Night 4: March 5, 2015

After dealing some hurt to the river drakes, we notice a burrow with a small glimmer. Upon further inspection, Boka pretended to get his hand bit off by the river drake hiding inside…except it was made of wood! We locate a skeleton, presumably the crafter of the river drake statue, along with two hand axes, a long bow and 25 gp. His name was, according to the loggers, Blevy.

We head back to Hartha’s Headstones. We talked her into buying the river drake statue for 100 gold pieces, but decided to set 75 of it to return to the captain. We make our way to the inn and enjoy a round of drinks with our bar-brawl-buddies from the previous night. We meet the ships doctor, Doc Imogen, who is quite excitable. We find Yamtizy drawing a picture of a sea serpent wrapped around a boat – Lyanae volunteers her trade skill to tattoo Yamtizy for her. We spend the remainder of dinner with our crew, rest a bit, and then spend some time getting to know the town.

We decide to gather more information about the tengu, Hyrik Snowfeather, and the story behind the attempted mutiny. What we discover is that Captain Varossa used to head the ship with her husband, Warvil.

We head over to Hartha and pick up the magpie – it looks beautiful. She decides to pay us back 125 gold because of our help with the loggers. We deliver the headstone to the captain, who is very pleased that we were able to get such quality work at a reduced price. The Magpie Princess is docked in a hidden cove, so we load up into a rowboat and take the figurehead to it.

The firstmate leaves us for the afternoon/evening to stay with the ship. While on watch, an old hag and two very large fish attack the boat. Her attacks focused on Adot and brought him down early. Heffa & Lyanae made quick work of the fish, slicing and dicing them into two, then went after the ugly hag. In a desperate attempt to escape, the hag began to fly away, but Lyanae and Heffa each took one last hit on her – and she fell to her death. We rushed to Adot’s aid, but it was almost too late. He was comatose for a day, but on day 2…he passed away. The party was saddened to have lost Adot, but hopes that something can be done at the Temple. In the meantime, the party begins to plan and gather their money.

Updated Loot Chart



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