Plunder and Peril: The OTHER Pirate Game

Night 3: February 11, 2015

Running Errands

We all have a good night’s rest and wake up to enjoy some hot, steaming cups of coffee. Quite enjoyable, even on a hot, muggy day. We head to the short piers.

Yamtisy comes out to shuffle us to the boat, unhappy that we aren’t moving fast enough for her. We meet the ships quartermaster, Iulia Antoninia, who is pretty crass and unreasonable. She sends us off on an errand to secure a figurehead for the front of the ship. She warned us to keep an eye out for Hyrek Snowfeather, a tengu. As we were heading to Hartha’s Headstones to procure a figurehead, two werecrocs approached and attacked us. Adot & Boka kept them alive and bound them. Heffa took their clothes.

We made it to Hartha’s house and “arrange” for her assistance in creating the figurehead for the ship. She sends us out to check on the loggers and see what creature is holding up their progress. They send us out to the forest where we easily locate a few river drakes and dispose of them quickly.



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