Plunder and Peril: The OTHER Pirate Game

Night 2: January 28

Bar Brawl

So we got in a fight. Heffa, Lyanae, and Adot were ready. After taking a shot and swearing an oath, we stepped into the pit. Each party member seemed to have their moment – Adot’s opponents kept missing their shots, Lyanae grabbed some guy in the balls, Heffa clocked a half-orc in the ear (probably causing hearing loss), and Boka kept floating away to the ceiling. The crowded cheered for Heffa when they realized she was the bar champion from earlier. The fight continued – each adventurer landing a few shots to Hundrun and the bar champions. Adot finally lands the winning blow, bringing Hundrun to his knees. The captain Lanteri cheers to the party and welcomes them upstairs to learn more about the adventure.

The party and captain meet upstairs and share a bite to eat and the information regarding the mission:
What: searching treasure hoard of Captain Gemma Redclaw.
Where: no exact location yet, but Captain Lanteri seems to know. Expect time on the ship.
We are to share 1/16th of the load, split among the party. If we sign her contract, we become part of her “crew” and must do as she says. Benefits package included.
Each party member signs the contract presented by the Captain. She encourages us to get a good night’s sleep and meet her at the short piers in the morning.



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