Boka Bekyar

A young Mwangi Shaman lost and drawn to the sea but looking for a new "tribe" to belong to.


12 year old, Boka Bekyar, a Bekyar Mwangi from the outskirts of Sargarva is tall for his age (although common of the Bekyar culture) and has skin the color of coal black. Boka wears his long matted black hair tied back behind his head and is seen wearing distinctive Leaf armor.

When Boka was 9 years old, he left his family, home, and tribe in the middle of the night without a word or acknowledgement to anyone. One tribesman noted that he left speaking about the spirits of the waves calling him and that he must be with them.

He has found his way to the Shackles by foot, and over those three years has gained experience in dealing with the spirits of the water. Boka has also grown accustomed to the “tribes” he has found on the docks and in the streets, growing more attached to his current environment than the traditions of his people.

Boka Bekyar

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