Lyanae Wolfesbane

Half-elf tattoo artist with no where to go.


Lyanae Wolfesbane is a half-elf by definition, clearly showing high cheek bones and slender ears, but she has never met the elf that gave her those genes. She showed signs of artistic talent at an early age, so her parents invested in magic school for her. Unfortunately, she flunked out within months and was sent home. Angry and rejected, she poured her frustrations out through her art and eventually landed a job as a tatoo artist. Not exactly respectable, but it earned her coin and prestige among “that” crowd.

At the ripe old age of 53, Lyanae recently buried both her mother and father and decided to leave the arrogant and uptight region of Taldor. Her parents were not the wealthiest, so she needed to find work. She didn’t really care where or what, and eventually spent the next 7 years in coastal towns along the Inner Sea. She ended up meeting another half-elf while in an Andoran port town who turned out to be a pirate. The half-elf-bad-boy was a dream to Lyanae and he promised her health, wealth, and happiness if she agreed to return with him and his crew to the Shackles. Along the way, he taught her about the ways of the sea, the ship, a rapier, and men. And a good thing, too, since Lyanae caught him with another woman 3 weeks after landing in the Shackles.

Angry and rejected again, Lyanae is looking for something to take her mind off of him…

Lyanae Wolfesbane

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