Heffa Lump

Female Half Orc bloodrager, ostracized and a vicious fighter that carries the bloodline of a red dragon.


Heffa Lump for all intensive purposes does little to reinforce the Half-orc visual stereotype. Her skin is more of a grayish color instead of a bright radiant green, she is of moderate size compared to other half orcs and this bastard carries mostly fair, human facial traits. That is of course, except for her exceptionally large and vicious looking tusks. This contrast is a constant reminder to both herself and others that she is an outsider.

The blood of powerful Red Dragons flows throughout her bloodline, granting her with incredible arcane and physical strength. These powers while grating her great power have also driven her away from her original home as well. Banished from her skeptical tribe because of her Arcane abilities (not helped by her “hideous” human features), Heffa has found her way to the shackles, a place for outcasts and Bastards alike, hoping to find a place to call home or at least to lie low for a bit.

Heffa Lump

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